Bal Swan - Where Every Child is Special

Bal Swan Ideology

Core Values

Provide a caring nurturing environment.
Strive for unequivocal excellence.
Pioneer services that meet the needs of our community.
Embrace children with all abilities.

Purpose Statement

Impart lifelong skills and tools to equip individuals to make a significant and sustained impact on humanity.

Vivid Description

Bal Swan Children’s Center will be known statewide as the progressive leader in Early Childhood Education. We will be referred to during educational conferences and highlighted in professional articles. We will partner with universities to provide the demonstration site preferred by their students. We will create collaborative model teams consisting of families, teachers, therapists, mental health workers, psychologists and physicians and will deliver the best services available to Colorado children. The most exceptional people will seek to be part of the Bal Swan team. Due to our reputation and history, we will enjoy the support and partnership of the premier leaders and organizations in our community. We will repeatedly set the bar for high standards and innovation in early childhood education and tirelessly strive to exceed our current standards of excellence while respecting the pioneering spirit on which we were founded. In the field of early childhood education Bal Swan Children’s Center will be in a class of its own.

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